HTV offers digital display devices renowned for its quality. Our team of experts will help you to choose the right equipment by using their solid experience now famous outside of our borders. Our expertise is our number one asset when it comes to choosing the components, installing and maintaining the equipment, and of course creating and managing the content.

icone LED screens

LED screens

Make the most of your visibility. Make it more dynamic thanks to our large range of screens. Their dimensions are adapted to your needs.

icone Mobile LED screens

Mobile LED screens

The translation is coming soon.

icone Showcase screens

Showcase screens

The translation is coming soon.

icone STADIUM solution

STADIUM solution

Transform your stadium into a real interactive platform thanks to our innovative solutions.

Our services
icone Content management

Content management

A LED screen represents an added value only if its content is adapted and of quality. We made it our main priority. Our software is therefore specially designed to remotely manage any of our screens.

icone Funding


We offer several funding options such as leasing or renting that allow you to make your digital display project into reality by choosing a monthly payment according to your budget.

icone Maintenance


The optimum functioning of our screens on the long term is our priority. Because each project is different, we offer custom-made contracts adapted to your needs.

References & partners
Media Markt
Action Wear
Sheen Lecoq

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