Content management

CMS, heart of the dynamic display

In order to make the management of your screen or screen network easier, HTV provides you with software programs specifically designed to remotely manage the content of your screens. An easy and efficient solution. All our solutions are Plug & Play and allow a quick deployment of your digital display equipment.

The remote management is made possible thanks to the Internet and is made up of:

  • Management interface
  • The server
  • The player

How does it work?

The user is the person who adds and creates the playlists and contents to be displayed on the screens (pictures, videos, texts, etc.). He is able to do it thanks to an online app (the server) accessible from any computer. When the answer finalized the modifications, the server saves the new pieces of information and sends it straight to the player. The Player is the computer connected at the back of your screen (whether LED or LCD) and is specially configured for this screen (resolution, ID, content, etc.). It displays the content the user defined for the screen.

A software easy to use

HTV creates its content management software in association with easyCMS. This is an innovative, evolving and powerful solution that allows you to easily manage your screen thanks to basic functionalities. Thanks to this partnership, HTV provides its customers with a quality solution at unbeatable terms without any recurring annual cost.

Evolving and innovative programs

If you need high-performance material equipped with advanced functionalities, HTV is exactly what you are looking for. We selected a range of state-of-the-art software programs offering endless possibilities in terms of interactivity, automation and connectivity. If your project requires something extraordinary, it requires HTV.

An adapted content creation

“Content is king”. When you purchase your digital display equipment, don’t forget that its goal is to display quality content that attract people’s attention and speaks to your target audience on a relevant manner. Our team of graphic designers specialized in the creation of content for LED and LCD screens will therefore make sure the pictures and messages you’ll display will score a bull’s-eye.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We will take care of your request as quickly as possible For more information, visit our BLOG or skim through our FAQ.

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