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Le partenaire idéal pour votre panneau d'affichage LED ou LCD

High Tech Vision was created in 2008. It is a brand specialised in new generation digital display projects. With a wealth of experience in a constantly evolving field, HTV is represented through numerous distribution networks which guarantees a great proximity with customers. HTV carried out a vast number of projects across Europe thanks to its strategic partnerships. The expansion of our activities reflects the growing need for our clients to have a more dynamic communication.

A modern and dynamic communication. Digital display is now an integral part of our daily live. Whether you plan on using it in shops, football stadium or huge companies, the solutions HTV has to offer will open the door to a great deal of communication possibilities now made available thanks to this new technology.

HTV: your partner for digital display solutions

HTV provides you with dynamic display solutions bases on new technologies. Inside or outside, of all dimensions and resolutions, our LED screens can also be installed as a LED perimeter for stadium boarding or classic store signs.
With our selection of professional HD LCD screens, in partnership with renowned brands such as Samsung and NEC, we can offer custom-made solutions adapted to your needs.

We base the creation of our solutions on our expertise and skills. Thanks to them, we can also offer a range of custom-made products such as mobile LED screens, city totems (for advertisement or informative purpose) and even more innovative screens.

Whether you plan on using this technology in the field of sport, advertisement or retail, HTV offers a unique approach, faithful to your ideas, by providing a full range of high-performance products and services. We made it our priority to support you through your reflections in order to always help you to find the most adapted solutions in terms of equipment and software.

Our specialisation: only one specialisation

HTV is YOUR specialist when it comes to digital display. We decided to focus on only one job, without trying to interfere with other activities linked to our field such as advertising companies or short-term renting. We rather let these to others while we concentrate on our services. Another advantage for our clients.

Thanks to these guidelines, we are proud to rank among our partners famous brands such as Média-Markt/Saturn (Metro Group), RocheBobois, Carrefour Market, the well-known chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini and many others.

Respect of European standards and regulations

We carefully choose the electronic components of our systems so that we can meet our customer’s requirements and needs as best as possible. Our products are in total compliance with the latest European standards. The Quality control is an integral part of our duties and all of our products get the CE marking.

Some articles are available on our blog where you will discover our latest works and visualize how HTV can help you make your brand or project more dynamic. Do not hesitate to skim through our FAQ in order to understand this new technology and the possibilities it can offer.

Please feel free to Contact us for further information.

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