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Make your sport facilities more dynamic and involve both your sponsors and fans

For a sport facility, sponsors have and will always have a major financial role. Each and every stadium is already equipped with classic advertising banners. The thing is that this old system doesn’t use the full potential offered by sponsoring. How can you use it? Thanks to advertising hoardings or LED boarding. The digital display solutions provided by HTV are accessible to any kind of stadium of any sport, of any size, indoor or outdoor.

Une belle vitrine pour vos sponsors pendant les matchs

Pour une enceinte sportive, le sponsoring est, et restera, un atout financier majeur. Tous les stades sont déjà équipés de panneaux publicitaires traditionnels, mais ils passent à côté d’un potentiel énorme en termes d'espaces de Sponsoring. Comment y remédier? Grâce à un contour de stade LED, parfois appelé un périmètre LED ou boarding LED. Les solutions d’affichage digital que HTVLED propose sont disponibles pour tout type de stades et tous les sports, que l’emplacement choisi soit en intérieur ou en extérieur, et quelle que soit le format demandé.

Une suite logicielle innovante

Nous aimons dire que “Le contenu est roi”, et dans le cas d’un stade sportif, c’est même crucial.

Nous proposons une sélection de logiciels conçus spécifiquement pour les stades sportifs qui permettent une gestion facile de vos publicités et autres messages sur les panneaux LED. Ces solutions logicielles de gestion de stade offrent des possibilités telles que :

  • Stabilité de diffusion des sponsors (de base)
  • Actions spontanées (Goal, Dunk…)
  • Changements de dernière minute
  • Diffusion de caméras TV et Live
  • Diffusion des statistiques des joueurs, équipes …

Grâce à une large expérience dans la gestion de contenu des stades, nous serons à même de vous offrir la solution la plus adaptée à vos besoins.

Des solutions design, même pour les petits stades

Nous comprenons les contraintes budgétaires des plus petites structures sportives, c’est pour cela que HTVLED a mis en place une gamme de produits avec un rapport qualité-prix imbattable pour répondre à la demande grandissante. Il est maintenant possible de passer à l’ère digitale avec un budget sous contrôle. Par exemple, nous proposons déjà un pack de départ pour un boarding LED à partir de 3m de long ou m2 comprenant un logiciel de gestion de contenu adapté au design de ces enseignes.

An innovative Software Suite

Here at HTV we like to say that “content is king”. A vision that becomes a solid argument when it comes to a stadium.

We provide a selection of software specifically designed for stadium that allows you to easily manage your ads and other messages. Our software solutions feature the following possibilities:

  • Steady (basic) sponsors display
  • Spontaneous actions (goals, dunks, etc.)
  • Last minute changes
  • TV cameras and live display
  • Players and teams statistics display

HTV has a proven expertise in stadium content management. We are in state to provide you with the solution meeting your needs as best as possible.

Solutions for everyone, even for smaller facilities

We understand smaller facilities might also have smaller budgets. In order to answer the needs of this growing market, HTV created a range of products with an unbeatable value for money. It is now possible to enter the digital era without cracking open the nest egg. For example, we offer a starter pack for a 3m long boarding including an adapted management software.

Advertising hoardings and giant LED scoreboards

If you want your ads to be displayed on a more dynamic way, a LED display (giant LED screen) is a must to display numerous advertisers. Thanks to a LED screen, you’ll also be able to put on movies or live TV. Kisscam, players or team statistics: LED screens are the ideal tool to involve your fans. The screens can also be used as scoreboards to display on the one hand the score and game time, and on the other hand ads before, during and after the game.

An equipment in compliance with UEFA standards

We provide more advanced solutions for stadium subject to the UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations. Our range of equipment also includes a category of screens in compliance with this strict regulation: equipment performances, height of screens, viewing angles and refresh rate. Through the years, HTV gained the needed experience to deal with these parameters and guarantee a steady display of a matchless quality in line with the mandatory requirements of the highest sporting bodies.

An equipment in compliance with European standards

All our products are CE certified and control the latest European standards in electronics. We are proud of the strong relationships we have established with our suppliers as well as with certification offices and other European bodies. Once the components have been recovered, we again control the manufacturing. Each sign is intensively tested beforehand so that it is perfectly operational in your environment.

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