LED screens

What is a LED screen?

You could say a LED screen is a giant television set except... It has many more advantages. The main advantage is its flexibility. A LED screen is composed by several display panel units assembled together likes bricks. Such an equipment offers endless possibilities: dimensions, formats or even forms.

Each screen is custom manufactured. Its dimensions, its parameters, its resistance to bad weather, its pixels density or its brightness always depend on the customer’s project. For example, an outdoor LED screen will be resistant to water infiltration (IP65) and a high brightness that can go up to 8000 nits (30 times brighter than your average television set).

Bring your communication to a brand-new level

Choose for a more dynamic communication with LED display and you won’t be unnoticed anymore.

The main goal of a giant LED screen is to display content on a more dynamic, punctual and automatized manner. HTV provides you with several options both for the equipment and the software.

We offer turnkey projects that are specially designed to meet your needs as best as possible.

  • Custom manufactured screens
  • Selection of the components
  • Choosing the right software
  • Creation and management of the content

Advantages of our outdoor screens

  • Bad weather resistance (IP65)
  • Ultra-brightness (8000 nits)
  • Stainless cabinets
  • Watertight connectors

Advantages of our indoor screens

  • Very high resolution (Full HD and 4K)
  • Silent (no ventilation noises)
  • Can easily be built-in (melt into the background)
  • Can easily be installed on display

Mobile LED screens

HTV has a great experience with the manufacture and the delivery of mobile screens. By mobile screens we intend for example a LED screen on a trailer or a truck that can easily and quickly be moved depending on the advertising campaign or the event you organize. These mobile screens are the perfect option to create advertising networks at a greater scale and can be rented on demand by communication agencies. We offer “standard” as well as “custom-made” solutions to meet your need as best as possible.

One screen, one structure, one covering

HTV takes care of all the different aspects of your project. Our screens can be delivered with a structure and a covering matching the surrounding background. Our design office analyses the structure of each project for us to meet the requirements of the installation (weight of the screen, type of environment, wind exposition, etc.). A covering (wood, aluminium, carbon, etc.) can be added around the screen for it to match its surrounding background.

Premium warranty on all screens

All of our HTV LED screens have a 3 year warranty that can be extended up to 5 year. During this period, the workforce and replacement parts are free (click here for more information). The screens are equipped with a remote management system that will allow you to detect errors and to fix it from wherever you are.

An equipment in compliance with European standards

Each and every HTV product gets the CE marking and is in total compliance with the effective European standards as regards electronic products. We are proud of the strong relations we built with our suppliers, the certification offices and other European bodies. Once the components are brought in our workshops, we operate another control on their properties and functionalities. Each screen is intensively tested before being sold in order for us to provide fully operational screens to our clients.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We will take care of your request as quickly as possible For more information, visit our BLOG or skim through our FAQ.

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